Quadruped Rigger offers an easy rigging solution for horses and similar animals to provide a basic character rig for animation.

The script also fills a gap in available auto-riggers as there are not many that provide an easy way to quickly create a quadruped rig, especially suitable for beginners.

The resulting rig features only basic functionality in order to keep it simple. There are no toes, facial or any other high level controls.
Quadruped Rigger creates a basic and stable rig which can be build upon.

At the current level of the script the rig does not properly allow to create characters like cats and dogs, because of the difference in joint structure and articulation.
Though, this may be added in future versions.

For further information please see the general install guide.

For command usage please refer to the installGuide.pdf from the download.


Installs the shelf buttons on the current shelf.


Opens the window for Quadruped Rigger

  • IK/FK back (with volume control)
  • FK Tail
  • IK/FK neck (with volume control)
  • IK legs (stretchable)
  • attribute controlled ears
  • separate visibility of all body parts
  • character sets
  • skin joint sets for all body parts
  • shoulder blade control
  • clean and organized scene structure
  • clean and proper naming
  • low constraint usage
  • only what’s needed can be selected, everyhing else is hidden and/or locked
  • custom pickwalking
  • additional tools to help the rigging and animation process