The versatile blend shape editor for Autodesk Maya

Maximise your blend shape workflow

Unified Toolset

A complete blend shape toolset with a unified workflow to create and edit blend shape targets and related dependencies for character articulation.

Artist Focused

Inspired by industry professionals and designed for the artist SHAPES provides quick results and easy to manage setups for increasingly demanding projects through streamlining tasks and fast tool access.

Production Proven

SHAPES is a production proven tool used by a wide range of studios for commercials and feature films and it has become the tool of choice by many computer art schools and universities.

Compatible with Autodesk Maya® 2020 and later
For Linux, macOS* and Windows

The Toolset

SHAPES is a complete toolset for creating and editing blend shape targets, to keep your focus on the creative rather than technical challenges.

The heart of SHAPES is to provide a user-friendly blend shape workflow. We base all our tools on standard Maya functionality with no hidden or black-boxed features. Any resulting setups are compatible across multiple versions of Maya.

SHAPES licenses are only required while creating your blend shape setups. Once complete, your rigs can be used on any computer using a standard Maya installation without restrictions.

Non-standard Maya nodes are optional and can expand the functionality of SHAPES. These are all Open Sourced under the MIT License and can be used on external machines, guaranteeing flexibility within your pipeline.

  • One-click shape creation
  • Symmetry mapping for fast mirroring
  • Shape organisation and filtering
  • Shape import and export
  • Editing in Maya, Mudbox and ZBrush
  • Brush tool for extended functions
  • Easy weight map editing
  • Weight map export, import, mirroring and more
  • Weight map to freeze brush conversion
  • Weight map controllers for weight animation
  • Quick setup of driving relationships
  • Interactive editing of shape drivers
  • Non-destructive removal of drivers
  • Region maps for splitting target shapes
  • Driven sets to combine non-blend shape workflows
  • Easy access blend shape animation and shot fix
  • Blend shape combos with multi-level propagation
  • Setup rebuilding
  • Setup transfer
  • Raw blend shape data export
  • Cleanup tools
  • and much more
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Key Features

Sculpt Everywhere

Sculpt your shapes with our specially designed SHAPES Brush or use Maya’s brushes. Send your mesh to Mudbox or ZBrush – with the click of a button.

Weight Maps

The power of weight maps at your fingertips: Create and edit weight-maps to instantly divide one shape into many, and save for later use.

Shape Driver

Are you tired of complex node setups? SHAPES automatically handles complex setups with our easy-to-use shape-drivers. Edit your shape targets directly through our interface; SHAPES manages all the nodes and driven-keys in the background.


Quickly create and edit shape combination shapes, correctives, and drivers, giving you full control over your deformation.


Speed up your workflow by organizing and grouping your target shapes efficiently. Easily manage and find hundreds of blend shapes.


Save precious time while rebuilding a setup, for example, while changing the rig or model. Export entire corrective configurations to a file; SHAPES allows you to transfer independent of topology!

Current Version

SHAPES 5.11.0 Update

For a detailed overview of the additions and changes see the list of Recent Changes.

Important Changes

New Licensing

The current version comes with a new licensing. If you have an existing license from before SHAPES 5.10 you need to request a new license code. Please contact us with your existing user name, email address and license key. We will then issue you a new code.
Please allow a response time of up to 24 hours because of time differences.

Maya Compatibility

We decided to drop support for older versions of Maya. The lowest supported Maya version is 2020.

New Weight Driver

The RBF algorithm of the weightDriver node has been updated to match attributes found in other solvers. The RBF interpolation type and radius control is now more flexible to suit various needs. This breaks compatibility with existing setups because new attributes have been added and some old have been removed. Please keep this in mind when working with existing setups.


  • Free evaluation
  • No feature restriction
  • Popup window in regular intervals
  • Free installation support
  • No usage support




  • Commercial projects
  • Fully featured
  • Full support
  • Discount for 5+ seats available

* The free evaluation version is only for testing and evaluation purposes. Using a copy of SHAPES without a private, educational or commercial license for a longer period of time for projects and/or education harms independent software development.

All prices are without sales tax. 19% tax will be added where applicable.

Licenses for SHAPES are purchased through our web store at BMT Micro. (Review the privacy statement)

Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully. If you choose to purchase SHAPES you automatically accept all applying Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

Educational and Private Licenses


You can request an educational license. Please provide your valid student identification, either a copy of your student id or your educational email address.
Please use the webform to contact us regarding the inquiry.
Once we receive the request, we’ll ask for your proof of identification.


You may request licenses for non-commercial projects such as short films that may not fall under the educational category. Please provide a written statement explaining your intentions and usage.
Please use the webform for the inquiry.

Learning & Support

Video Documentation

The comprehensive video documentation covers all areas of SHAPES and provides a learning path to get started right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes basic questions can be answered right away. Take a look at the available frequently asked questions.

Recent Changes

Check out the recent changes when updating so that you don’t miss new features or changes which might be important for your work.

Ask Us

If you have any questions or encounter issues while working with SHAPES don’t hesitate to contact us.