PickWalk is an add-on for Blender which lets you navigate through a hierarchy of objects or bones of an armature, similar to how pickwalking works in Autodesk Maya.

It also allows for walking over vertices and points of meshes and curves in edit mode.

Pickwalk extends the basic navigation of Blender in the outliner and makes it much more powerful. The default navigation in Blender is limited to the outliner and jumping between different hierarchy levels can sometimes skip objects.

The add-on works in the 3D View, Outliner, Graph Editor and Dope Sheet.

  1. Download the add-on as a ZIP-file.
  2. Open the Blender Preferences window by choosing Edit > Preferences…
  3. Select the Add-ons tab.
  4. Press Install… and select the downloaded ZIP file.¬†After successful installation the add-on should be visible in the list.
  5. Activate the add-on.

Keymaps are assigned automatically when loading the add-on and are available in the 3D View, Outliner, Graph Editor and Dopesheet.

  • The Ctrl key is used as a general modifier to access the pickwalking.
  • The Shift key expands the current selection.
  • The Alt key tries to find the same object on the opposite side of the hierarchy based on a side identifier.

Note for macOS users

The pickWalk keymaps conflict with the default key assignments for mission control in the system’s preferences. You need to disable these in System Preferences > Mission Control and System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control.

For a complete documentation please see the PickWalk Wiki page on GitHub.