Pipeline – Network Render Manager – first look!

The upcoming Pipeline Render Manager for OS X is a simple but straightforward network render manager supporting various render systems. Usability and easy handling were given the main focus without having the user to deal with complex system and network setups.

The tool is currently in beta, a public beta will be available soon. Up to this point it is planned that a two client version will be available for free, once the user is registered. Licenses supporting a larger amount of clients will be available for a low price tag.

Pipeline Render Manager is aiming towards single users and small shops running on Mac OS X that don’t want to go through the hastle of manually setting up render jobs through the terminal or can’t afford a complex and professional rendering management, yet want to combine render management of various 2D and 3D applications.

In it’s current state Maya, After Effects and Shake rendering is supported. Other renderer systems are planned to be integrated in future releases. Maya rendering currently supports all native Maya renderers and RenderMan For Maya.


  • Easy setup and maintanance
  • Distributed network rendering for Maya, After Effects and Shake (more are planned)
  • Create jobs from within Pipeline or the render application
  • Edit jobs that are already send to Pipeline
  • Control, which clients should be addressed to the rendering
  • Define the amount of frames assigned to each client
  • Sort jobs with a 1 to 10 priority
  • Suspend and restart jobs at the frame of suspension
  • Easy error management
  • Archive and delete jobs from within Pipeline
  • Automatic archive function on completion
  • Progress and completion email functions
  • Currently runs on OS X 10.6

Any users interested in evaluating Pipeline Render Manager are welcome to drop me a mail through the mail address on the brave rabbit homepage.

Happy Rendering!

Update: Visit the Pipeline Render Manager website

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