SHAPES 5.5.1 Maintenance Update

Version 5.5.1 now also offers support for macOS Catalina.

For a detailed overview of the additions and changes see the Changelog at the bottom of this page.

unified download

Starting with version 5.5 the same installation can be used for evaluation or running the registered commercial or educational version.

If no license code is entered when starting SHAPES the evaluation mode is active which shows popup windows in specific intervals.


Installation is now easier and faster with the new installer. Simply choose the installer script which matches your platform and follow the instructions. In most cases the simple install should be sufficient.

The installer tries to detect any existing installations of SHAPES and removes them. It’s still possible that some old files remain in certain cases. If you experience inconsistencies check for left-over files.


Linux 64 bit
Windows 64bit

Maya 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

registered users

If you are a registered user you need to enter your license key to use SHAPES with your commercial or educational license. The license key is mailed to your email address which has been used for the purchase. If you haven’t received your license key yet please contact us.

Please also check your spam folder in case the email containing your license key has been filtered.


  • support for macOS Catalina

  • Error when trying to enter Edit mode on a secondary blend shape node when the mesh has non- deformer history.
  • Re-installing over an existing installation causes the installer to hang on Windows systems.
  • Minor licensing bugfixes.

SHAPES crashes on machines running Windows when meshes are loaded which exceed a polygon limit of 35k when symmetry mapping is enabled.

The current workaround for this is to disable symmetry mapping and perform all mirror operations based on positional mirroring.