Video Documentation - Create and Edit Blend Shape Targets

Gives an overview of possible types of meshes and their differences in regards of working with symmetry mapping in SHAPES.

Covers the workflow of symmetry mapping in SHAPES and how to best get started when loading a mesh.

Shows the basic steps to load a mesh and creating the first blend shape target. Also covers the use of undo and possible implications.

Shows how to edit blend shape targets in Mudbox or ZBrush and also covers the FBX and custom export.

Explains the necessary steps to add and edit in-between shapes.

Covers the preference options for the edit mode, such as geometry and viewport display.

Explains the general issue when a deformed mesh gets modified without being in edit mode and how to fix it.

Shows how to preview the currently edited blend shape target in relation to the underlying deformed model to avoid constantly going in and out of edit mode.

Demonstrates how to use the SHAPES Grab and Blend Brush to blend the currently edited shape to either the original mesh or another blend shape target.