Additional Learning

Free videos by Andrew Silke giving an overview of SHAPES.

Andrew Silke also offers a complete SHAPES tutorial series, covering an entire workflow.
For more information please contact Andrew through his website at

SHAPES 2.0 – Overview

SHAPES 2 – Simple facial combos

Pose space deformation or weighted drivers in SHAPES 2.

Joe Daniels shows an introduction to creating corrective blendshapes for Animators to improve the deformation of their rigs, on a shot by shot basis.

Puppeteer Lounge features an in-depth webinar about SHAPES with Andrew Silke. He is talking about the inside of creating corrective shapes efficiently for an expressive facial rig.

Josh Sobel offers a facial rigging series for Maya, demonstrating how to set up a various aspects fo a facial rig including an in-depth look of his techniques. He also covers different approaches to combo shapes and uses SHAPES for parts of the workflow.

Expressive Facial Rigging Series by Josh Sobel