Place reflection helps with placing lights and reflected objects by dragging over a target surface so that the light or object reflection occurs at the point of the cursor. By using modifier keys the object can be moved towards or away from the surface.

Quick zoom simplifies the default Maya 2D Zoom/Pan tool by letting the user drag a region with a mouse which instantly zooms and pans the view. You can easily toggle between the default and zoomed view and also move the view.

placeReflection & quickZoom are under the terms of the MIT License.


Maya versions 2016.5, 2017, 2018 on OS X, Windows 64 bit, Linux 64 bit.

For ease of use the script and related files are combined as a module. This allows for an easy installation and keeps all necessary files in one location.

  • Copy the module folder from the repository to your Maya preferences. The tool is version independent which means it can be installed in the preferences root folder.
    The Maya preferences root directory is located at:

    • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya
    • macOS: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya
    • Linux: /home/USERNAME/maya
  • A default Maya installation doesn’t have a modules folder at this specified path. You can directly use the folder from the zip file. If the modules folder already exists copy the contents of the zip file’s modules folder to the one in your preferences.
  • Inside the modules folder, rename the module template file, which matches your operating system, by removing the current extension. The file should be named placeReflection.mod.
  • Edit the file in a text editor and replace USERNAME in the path with your user name.
  • Save the file.
  • Restart Maya. The modify menu in the main menu bar should now contain the menu items Place Reflection Tool and Quick Zoom Tool at the bottom.

When properly installed the Maya Modify menu has new menu items named Place Reflection Tool and Quick Zoom Tool. It also allows to open a standard option box to set the preferences for the place reflection tool.

When using the script without the supplementary scripts the tool can be activated using the following commands with the current selection:

from placeReflection import placeReflectionTool


from quickZoom import quickZoomTool

Please also see the in the downloaded zip file.

The tool has two modes:

  • Place Mode
    The default dragger context mode. LMB click and drag to place the selected object based on the surface the cursor is dragged over.
  • Move Mode
    Press and hold Ctrl or Shift while dragging. This moves the object towards/away from the reflection point. Ctrl gives a finer control whereas Shift performs the moving in a faster fashion.

With the tool active drag a region over the area where the camera should 2D pan/zoom into. Use ctrl+LMB to toggle switch between the standard view and the pan/zoom view. With pan/zoom active shift+LMB drag with the mouse to pan the view.

The tool currently does not draw a rectangular marquee which the user might expect. This is due to the current limitations of the maya python API. This might get addressed in future versions.

Version 1.2.7, updated 2018-12-14