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Pipeline is a render manager application helping you to easily distribute and handle render jobs with support for various 3D- and compositing systems.

Pipeline is designed to make the management process as easy as possible while providing a broad range of management options. It features a clean and easy to use interface without sacrificing the professional work.

“If you think that network rendering is too complicated
and technical, you should test-drive Pipeline.”

Pipeline is designed for the single artist as well as small shops running on OS X who are looking for an inexpensive but yet reliable render management solution for various render systems.

Pipeline is for anyone who uses command-line based rendering and looking for a render management solution to improve their workflow. Manual command-line rendering via the Terminal is still a common practice but slow and non-intutitive. On the other hand commercial render managers can be either too cost-intensive or too daunting when it comes to network setup and maintenance, while open-source solutions are mostly less artist friendly or limited in features and support.

“Pipeline has the most clean interface of render managers.”

Pipeline is an artist-friendly render manager which requires only a few steps to set up and get started with the rendering. It does not require any installation, frameworks, plug-ins, compilation of bundles or tools or any deep knowledge of scripting and programming. Pipeline is from OS X users, bringing to you what you expect when working on this platform – a clean interface and workflow with style.

Pipeline ManagerThe render management consists of two applications: the manager that is installed on a master machine responsible for distribution and supervision of the submitted jobs and the client which runs on every machine that contributes to the overall rendering.

Pipeline currently supports the following render systems:

  • Autodesk Maya (Software, Hardware, Mental Ray, RenderMan, VRay)
  • VRay Standalone
  • Nuke
  • After Effects
  • CINEMA 4D (R12+)

Pipeline also supports Generic Rendering (starting with version 2.0) which supports any command-line based renderer. You can create your own renderer description or modify existing ones based on your project.

Renderer descriptions for the following renderers are already included:

  • Modo
  • Blender
  • REDLine
  • as well as example files for all internally supported renderers

“Even if you are a one-man show with only one machine
Pipeline will increase your efficiency.”

Render jobs can be created via individual submission scripts that are included for the supported software or directly with Pipeline Manager.

Pipeline is the inhouse render management application of brave rabbir and is already used by a growing number of artists and small studios.

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