Rebuilding a rig can be a vital step in the production pipeline. Reliability and efficiency are the keys to quickly update the rig and keep on working with a new version.

SHAPES offers two major tools to support the re-building process

  • Export the entire blend shape setup including all common connections and nodes supported by SHAPES. The resulting files can be passed on to a co-worker or client, enabling them to rebuild the setup from the start.
  • Update the mesh and all blend shape/skinning relationships after changes to the topology. You can also keep the old version for comparison in case the topology has changed significantly.

Other tools allow

  • to clean up the tweak node after making changes to the mesh by accident (without being in sculpt mode)
  • to bake the changes presently stored in the tweak node to the base mesh in case minor changes had to be applied to the model without sacrificing the existing target shapes


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