SHAPES is an easy to use blend shape editing tool providing a unified workflow to create and edit blend shape targets and related dependencies for character articulation.

SHAPES is a production proven tool, inspired by industry professionals and designed for the artist to focus on the creative process and it has become the tool of choice by many computer art schools and universities.

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key features

sculpt everywhere

Effectively sculpt your shapes with the SHAPE brush, use the default Maya toolset or send your mesh to Mudbox or ZBrush –
with a click of a button.

weight maps

The power of weight maps at your fingertips: Easily create and edit weight maps in multiple ways for each target shape and save them for later use.


Speed up your blend shape work by organizing and grouping your target shapes efficiently and cut down the time needed to find the right correctives.


Quickly create and edit shape combos to drive target shapes based on the combination of other shapes, correctives and drivers, giving you full control over your deformation.

shape driver

Set up driving relationships for your blend shape targets directly through the interface at any time and edit driving nodes and set driven keys on the fly.


Save precious time when having to re-build a setup after changing the rig or model. Export the corrective dependencies to a file or update everything after editing the topology.