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SHAPES Brush can be found at the new location of brave rabbit under scripts & tools

Linear color chooser for Maya

The color picker in Autodesk Maya still lacks the ability to properly choose colors respecting any linear workflow settings. A current workaround is to introduce a gamma node which can be quite tedious even though a couple of scripts out there can help with the work. But still it results in more nodes being brought […]

QTown 2.0 Release

Finally it’s time to release the new version to the public. I am very excited about the new features and all in all QTown has grown to a pretty nice and convenient tool to generate some midground to background cities*. Initially intended to create only some greeble-like structures to populate the scene and make simple […]

Maya – display override issue with display layers

There is a small issue with deleting display layers in Maya that have already objects assigned to them. Usually when you add objects to a display layer the drawing overrides are turned on to be controlled by the display layer. The bugging part is, when you delete the layer the drawing override will remain being […]

Quadruped Rigger – automated rigging for four legged characters

Quadruped Rigger can be found at the new location of brave rabbit under scripts & tools

polyScatter – Spread objects across a surface

Alright, time for another script that I wrote recently to help me during some productions. It’s for distributing objects across a surface and yes, I am aware of the fact that there are already some (and quite useful) scripts available. But everything I tried didn’t give the expected results, no matter how the process worked. […]

Align Component Axis

Just recently, while cleaning up a CAD model and remodeling parts, I noticed how cumbersome it is in Maya to move the current component selection along a specific axis, especially then the geometry needs to be extended. Though Maya has some nice tools to set the specific axis the way to get there can be […]

Maya plugin – extract deltas

extractDeltas can be found at the new location of brave rabbit under scripts & tools

Fixing the naming preference for importing in Maya 2012

When importing other scenes into Maya it’s always good to think about the naming of objects to avoid any name clashes. Namespaces are a good way to avoid any naming problems in most cases. But I find these a bit annoying when I just simply want to import an object into my scene that I […]

Fixing the Hypershade create panel in Maya 2012

This bug has been fixed for Maya 2013. In the current version of Maya 2012, even with the Hotfix 1 applied, the Hypershade tends to have it’s own mind and likes to ignore any custom set width of the create panel. Any time the Hypershade is opened the create panel presents it’s full beauty by […]