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QTown 2.0 Release

Finally it’s time to release the new version to the public. I am very excited about the new features and all in all QTown has grown to a pretty nice and convenient tool to generate some midground to background cities*. Initially intended to create only some greeble-like structures to populate the scene and make simple […]

Pipeline – Network Render Manager

After a long and thoughough period of testing with lots and lots of render hours it’s finally time to end the beta stage of Pipeline and get into the final release. My last post about the beta-version of Pipeline is already pretty outdated and so I thought I post about the new stuff going on. […]

Pipeline – Network Render Manager – first look!

The upcoming Pipeline Render Manager for OS X is a simple but straightforward network render manager supporting various render systems. Usability and easy handling were given the main focus without having the user to deal with complex system and network setups. The tool is currently in beta, a public beta will be available soon. Up […]

RenderBucket 2.0 – Rendermanager for Maya (OS X)

RenderBucket helps with rendering scene files from Autodesk Maya on a single computer running OS X. It has the ability to handle multiple job files as one batch while giving access to the most commonly used render flags through an easy to use interface. RenderBucket features a job progression area that informs the user about […]

Wireframe rendering in Maya

This quick tutorial will show you one way to create a nice and clean looking wireframe render as used in the image below. Create a new render layer with your model selected and assign a new Lambert material to it. Set the color to black and the incandescence to white. Go to the shading group […]

Render Bugs – The Shadow Ninja

Don’t you just hate it when a rendering just finished, everything is still fresh and good smelling and then – boom – you see this gaping hole in the freshly baked render dough! And you think “What the heck did I setup there” and you realize “Hey, that wasn’t me!” but one of these random […]

Compositing Santa’s Practice

The compositing of the short was very basic and down-to-earth due to the fact that we had such a limited time for completion. For that the composition is nothing big, except for the good amount of layers and passes that had to get comped together. All in all there are 59 layers in the shake […]

quest for the perfect renderer

Sometimes I think renderers are to the 3d geek what shoes are to women: You can’t have enough of them and you need at least one for each occasion ;-) For a recent project we modeled a formula one race car and now had the time to do some testrenderings. Since we want to sell […]

uv stretching on smoothed mesh

It’s always interesting to see how the different renderers handle specific aspects of the scene or the containted geometry. In this case I want to talk about the how uv coordinates are handled when a geometry is subdivided for or during the rendering. The focus is on the uv seam that connects the arm of […]

Subsurface Scattering & Premultiplication

As it is usually advisable to render out unpremultiplied images to have it easier in different compositing packages (i.e. Toxik almost expects these and Photoshop can’t handle premultiplied images well) it seems not a good idea to use it in conjunction with the non-physical subsurface scattering in mental ray. The result diplays any surfaces that […]