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Pipeline – Network Render Manager

After a long and thoughough period of testing with lots and lots of render hours it’s finally time to end the beta stage of Pipeline and get into the final release. My last post about the beta-version of Pipeline is already pretty outdated and so I thought I post about the new stuff going on. […]

Pipeline – Network Render Manager – first look!

The upcoming Pipeline Render Manager for OS X is a simple but straightforward network render manager supporting various render systems. Usability and easy handling were given the main focus without having the user to deal with complex system and network setups. The tool is currently in beta, a public beta will be available soon. Up […]

Defining functions in Maya

When working with MEL inside Maya it is often useful to not only store your script within the maya file of the UI via the shelf buttons but to build a new function. In that case the script will be accessible by only calling the name of the function which is a much easier way […]

RenderBucket 2.0 – Rendermanager for Maya (OS X)

RenderBucket helps with rendering scene files from Autodesk Maya on a single computer running OS X. It has the ability to handle multiple job files as one batch while giving access to the most commonly used render flags through an easy to use interface. RenderBucket features a job progression area that informs the user about […]

integrating maya into the standard terminal

When I installed Maya 2010 my regular way of tweaking the OS X terminal didn’t work anymore. The only way I could make the terminal accept maya commands was through the special maya terminal that is found in the application folder. But that one doesn’t show up in the cool “Pro” theme. So I searched […]

RfM renderlayer quirks

I recently found that managing the rendering in maya with the render layers while rendering with renderman for maya, the result isn’t always predictable. It seems that some overrides (it appears to be random) addressed to the layers can be left out during the final rendering. In my case it happened two times with one […]