Linear color chooser for Maya

The color picker in Autodesk Maya still lacks the ability to properly choose colors respecting any linear workflow settings. A current workaround is to introduce a gamma node which can be quite tedious even though a couple of scripts out there can help with the work. But still it results in more nodes being brought to the scene and quick changes in color always require editing of the gamma node.

icLinearColorChooser helps setting the correct colors right in the selected node. It automatically converts selected colors to linear space. It refreshes based on the current selection so that it’s possible to have it open all the time during the setup of shaders.

By default the script assumes that the colors of the given selection are in sRGB space (‘Selection has linear colors’ is checked off). Choosing a color in the UI automatically applies a gamma value of 2.2 and sets the color in the selected shading node.

If a shading node is selected which already has previously colors applied in linear space and need to be adjusted the checkbox ‘Selection has linear colors’ has to be ticked on. This automatically takes the linear colors of the shading node and converts them back to sRGB space so that any adjustments can be made on the gamma corrected version of the color. Any changes of the color will then be transferred back to the shading node in linear space.



Just copy the script to any script directory that is accessed via maya. Run the script by executing “icLinearColorChooser” (without quotes) in the script editor. You may as well build a shelf button for easy access.