Pipeline – Network Render Manager

After a long and thoughough period of testing with lots and lots of render hours it’s finally time to end the beta stage of Pipeline and get into the final release. My last post about the beta-version of Pipeline is already pretty outdated and so I thought I post about the new stuff going on.
I am currently working on a couple of new features that have been on the wish list for a while now, but due to current projects it was not possible to get my head into programming. Finally I’ve found some time for more improvements to help the daily workflow and to make the rendering more reliable.

One of the new major additions is the support of VRay rendering through either the Manager job submission or the accompanying maya script. Integrated is the Standalone version of VRay, so it should be possible to also use it with any other 3D-application.
The next renderer support on my list is Cinema 4D and Lightwave 3D.

More New Features:

  • Render projects for collecting rendering information and statistics
  • Render statistics with information about machines, tasks, used cores, core speed, duration, GHz/h and more
  • Export of render statistics
  • Group management
  • Icon badges for queued jobs and render progress
  • Checking for missing frames in the output folder
  • Directly view the output folder from the job selection
  • Manually edit resume frames
  • Jobs are archived in their respective project folders
  • Easy switching between different managers for the client
  • Error messages can now be easily edited without having to wait for a new release
  • New VRay Standalone support with job submission from Maya

Pipeline Render Manager is available for free with two render clients. Registration is necessary to enable the two clients. Other restrictions are that render statistics and output checking is disabled.

Happy Rendering!

Update: Visit the Pipeline Render Manager website