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Maya – display override issue with display layers

There is a small issue with deleting display layers in Maya that have already objects assigned to them. Usually when you add objects to a display layer the drawing overrides are turned on to be controlled by the display layer. The bugging part is, when you delete the layer the drawing override will remain being […]

IK handle update bug in Maya 2012

This bug has been fixed for Maya 2013. There seems to be a bug with either the ik solver or the ik handles in Maya 2012 when loading a scene. Recently I noticed that a rig from two different scenes of two different projects, set up in Maya 2012, wouldn’t move as expected when the […]

QTown – Version 2 – PREVIEW

Ok, everyone. This is really exciting as I finally managed to include some automatic UV texturing into my QTown script. I wanted to do this from the beginning but after I was done with the first version there was not enough brain left to think about how to texture the resulting geometry. But eventually I […]

Quadruped Rigger – automated rigging for four legged characters

Quadruped Rigger can be found at the new location of brave rabbit under scripts & tools