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QTown – Build a fractal city

I wrote this script a while ago and made it available through but I thought that it would be also nice to put it here. This is a little tool to simplify the creation of a background city. It’s initial idea is based on the very handy 3ds max plugin ‘Greeble’ but more aiming […]

Align Component Axis

Just recently, while cleaning up a CAD model and remodeling parts, I noticed how cumbersome it is in Maya to move the current component selection along a specific axis, especially then the geometry needs to be extended. Though Maya has some nice tools to set the specific axis the way to get there can be […]

Maya plugin – extract deltas

extractDeltas can be found at the new location of brave rabbit under scripts & tools

Fixing the naming preference for importing in Maya 2012

When importing other scenes into Maya it’s always good to think about the naming of objects to avoid any name clashes. Namespaces are a good way to avoid any naming problems in most cases. But I find these a bit annoying when I just simply want to import an object into my scene that I […]

Fixing the Hypershade create panel in Maya 2012

This bug has been fixed for Maya 2013. In the current version of Maya 2012, even with the Hotfix 1 applied, the Hypershade tends to have it’s own mind and likes to ignore any custom set width of the create panel. Any time the Hypershade is opened the create panel presents it’s full beauty by […]