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Particle Per-Point Emission Rate

This little tutorial is about how the per-point emission rates of particle objects work in Maya. This can be used to generate a variety of particle effects, including the easy creation of fireworks. I don’t want to go into too much detail here but to point out a basic guideline. go to Particles/Create Emitter (options) […]

Particle Texture Emission in Maya

This tutorial is about how to utilize the texture emission available with particles in Maya and make an object dissolve. In order to keep this as short as possible I left out all the little tweaks to make this pretty but to keep the focus on the essentials. Building the basic setup create a plane […]

Defining functions in Maya

When working with MEL inside Maya it is often useful to not only store your script within the maya file of the UI via the shelf buttons but to build a new function. In that case the script will be accessible by only calling the name of the function which is a much easier way […]

RenderBucket 2.0 – Rendermanager for Maya (OS X)

RenderBucket helps with rendering scene files from Autodesk Maya on a single computer running OS X. It has the ability to handle multiple job files as one batch while giving access to the most commonly used render flags through an easy to use interface. RenderBucket features a job progression area that informs the user about […]

Giovanni – Character WIP – Part 1

After a long time of hard surface modeling it’s now time to start with a new character. I wanted to do it in so long but neither time nor the right idea came to my help. And since we are still looking for the right character for your short film project this is a good […]