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Rendering multiply outputs to one openEXR in RendermanForMaya

Up to the current version of Renderman For Maya (that is 3.0.2) it is not possible to include the main rendering (rgba) and all secondary outputs (AOVs) in one openEXR file. The way around is to generate two openEXRs, one containing the rgba information and one all needed AOVs. The workflow to archieve this is […]

Santa’s Practice – animation progress reel

I put together a video showing the complete animation progress from shooting some reference video to final animation. Here is the breakdown of the video: 1. reference video: This was a lot of fun, we shot most of it in our living room pushing around chairs;-) 2. storyboard / thumbnails: I combined these two steps […]

How to model and render a cartoony rock cliff

This is a little making of or tutorial about how I built the rock wall in the animated short “Santa’s Practice”. It’s just some basic stuff going on here but I actually never came across the task before, so I thought that I drop a few thoughts about that. So you pro users out there […]

Compositing Santa’s Practice

The compositing of the short was very basic and down-to-earth due to the fact that we had such a limited time for completion. For that the composition is nothing big, except for the good amount of layers and passes that had to get comped together. All in all there are 59 layers in the shake […]

Christmas animation »Santa’s Practice – Rudolph called in sick«

This year we decided to create a special holidays animation. Since we already had the santa character ready, it seemed to be a doable task, although it was already the 1oth of december. Our goal was to be finished on the 20th, and we almost made it;-) Here is the idea: Imagine it’s two days […]

quest for the perfect renderer

Sometimes I think renderers are to the 3d geek what shoes are to women: You can’t have enough of them and you need at least one for each occasion ;-) For a recent project we modeled a formula one race car and now had the time to do some testrenderings. Since we want to sell […]

uv stretching on smoothed mesh

It’s always interesting to see how the different renderers handle specific aspects of the scene or the containted geometry. In this case I want to talk about the how uv coordinates are handled when a geometry is subdivided for or during the rendering. The focus is on the uv seam that connects the arm of […]

Making of Santa Claus

Designing a cartoon santa is as easy as it is difficult. It’s easy because you know how he looks like and it’s difficult because you know how he looks like. The real difficulty lies in designing an appealing and unique santa, since there are already lots of cartoon santas around. My first designs were quite […]

The Stock Experiment

It all started out with the idea to fund our shortfilm production by selling some of the 3d models via turbosquid. After doing some research we found out that there is a huge market not only for stock models but for stock images and stock footage as well, and that some of the 3d renderings […]