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integrating maya into the standard terminal

When I installed Maya 2010 my regular way of tweaking the OS X terminal didn’t work anymore. The only way I could make the terminal accept maya commands was through the special maya terminal that is found in the application folder. But that one doesn’t show up in the cool “Pro” theme. So I searched […]

Making of QSC – Zipped

Zipped: Highspeed-Kommunikation Für das Telekommunikationsunternehmen QSC sollte im Zuge des Re-Designs des Print- und Online Auftritts ein Werbeclip produziert werden, welcher vom Kölner Animationsstudio brave rabbit umgesetzt wurde. Die Printkampagne zeichnet sich durch Detail- und Großaufnahmen verschiedener Objekte in einem entsättigten Hochglanz-Look mit einer gezielten Akzentuierung von Elementen im QSC-Orange aus, die stellvertretend für die […]

RfM renderlayer quirks

I recently found that managing the rendering in maya with the render layers while rendering with renderman for maya, the result isn’t always predictable. It seems that some overrides (it appears to be random) addressed to the layers can be left out during the final rendering. In my case it happened two times with one […]

starting the new blog

Alright, here we go! I just finished setting up the new (and first) brave rabbit blog. Phew! Doing that and the main website was a good challenge, especially because I have not worked with php before. The main wordpress part was not a big problem but tweaking the look and features to our hearts desire […]