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Giovanni – Character WIP – Part 1

After a long time of hard surface modeling it’s now time to start with a new character. I wanted to do it in so long but neither time nor the right idea came to my help. And since we are still looking for the right character for your short film project this is a good […]

Making of Formula One Race Car

Animation und shot-breakdown for a recent production test. Most important to us was the realistic animation of the race car as well as a convincing look while keeping the render times reasonable. The goal was to develop an efficient workflow and an optimized production pipeline.

Santa’s Practice – animation progress reel

I put together a video showing the complete animation progress from shooting some reference video to final animation. Here is the breakdown of the video: 1. reference video: This was a lot of fun, we shot most of it in our living room pushing around chairs;-) 2. storyboard / thumbnails: I combined these two steps […]

How to model and render a cartoony rock cliff

This is a little making of or tutorial about how I built the rock wall in the animated short “Santa’s Practice”. It’s just some basic stuff going on here but I actually never came across the task before, so I thought that I drop a few thoughts about that. So you pro users out there […]

Compositing Santa’s Practice

The compositing of the short was very basic and down-to-earth due to the fact that we had such a limited time for completion. For that the composition is nothing big, except for the good amount of layers and passes that had to get comped together. All in all there are 59 layers in the shake […]

Christmas animation »Santa’s Practice – Rudolph called in sick«

This year we decided to create a special holidays animation. Since we already had the santa character ready, it seemed to be a doable task, although it was already the 1oth of december. Our goal was to be finished on the 20th, and we almost made it;-) Here is the idea: Imagine it’s two days […]

Making of Santa Claus

Designing a cartoon santa is as easy as it is difficult. It’s easy because you know how he looks like and it’s difficult because you know how he looks like. The real difficulty lies in designing an appealing and unique santa, since there are already lots of cartoon santas around. My first designs were quite […]

Making of QSC – Zipped

Zipped: Highspeed-Kommunikation Für das Telekommunikationsunternehmen QSC sollte im Zuge des Re-Designs des Print- und Online Auftritts ein Werbeclip produziert werden, welcher vom Kölner Animationsstudio brave rabbit umgesetzt wurde. Die Printkampagne zeichnet sich durch Detail- und Großaufnahmen verschiedener Objekte in einem entsättigten Hochglanz-Look mit einer gezielten Akzentuierung von Elementen im QSC-Orange aus, die stellvertretend für die […]