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bunnyburg renderfarm

We finally made it – brave rabbit’s first renderfarm ‘bunnyburg’ is up and running. After lots of planning, research, bending metal and drilling holes our six node renderfarm is already crunching it’s way through current renderjobs with 81.6 GHz of renderpower and 96 GB of RAM. It’s been quite a task finding the right components […]

Linear Workflow – Seminar PDF

Linear workflow has already taken its place in our every day work and not too long ago it was a concept that was somewhat clear but also a bit fuzzy to implement in projects at that time. But as the current tools have a much better implementation of linear workflow making the process a lot […]

Pipeline – Network Render Manager

After a long and thoughough period of testing with lots and lots of render hours it’s finally time to end the beta stage of Pipeline and get into the final release. My last post about the beta-version of Pipeline is already pretty outdated and so I thought I post about the new stuff going on. […]

Pipeline – Network Render Manager – first look!

The upcoming Pipeline Render Manager for OS X is a simple but straightforward network render manager supporting various render systems. Usability and easy handling were given the main focus without having the user to deal with complex system and network setups. The tool is currently in beta, a public beta will be available soon. Up […]