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bunnyburg renderfarm

We finally made it – brave rabbit’s first renderfarm ‘bunnyburg’ is up and running. After lots of planning, research, bending metal and drilling holes our six node renderfarm is already crunching it’s way through current renderjobs with 81.6 GHz of renderpower and 96 GB of RAM. It’s been quite a task finding the right components […]

Export a custom rig with animation from Maya to Unity

Actor Tools can be found at the new location of brave rabbit under scripts & tools

Galloping horse with rider

Quick rendering of an animation we did for a client. This animation was the reason to develop the Quadruped Rigger that is available on our site. Since the job didn’t include any texturing or rendering we did a quick clay render to showcase the animation.

QTown 2.0 Release

Finally it’s time to release the new version to the public. I am very excited about the new features and all in all QTown has grown to a pretty nice and convenient tool to generate some midground to background cities*. Initially intended to create only some greeble-like structures to populate the scene and make simple […]

QTown – Version 2 – PREVIEW

Ok, everyone. This is really exciting as I finally managed to include some automatic UV texturing into my QTown script. I wanted to do this from the beginning but after I was done with the first version there was not enough brain left to think about how to texture the resulting geometry. But eventually I […]

Render Bugs – The Shadow Ninja

Don’t you just hate it when a rendering just finished, everything is still fresh and good smelling and then – boom – you see this gaping hole in the freshly baked render dough! And you think “What the heck did I setup there” and you realize “Hey, that wasn’t me!” but one of these random […]

The Stock Experiment

It all started out with the idea to fund our shortfilm production by selling some of the 3d models via turbosquid. After doing some research we found out that there is a huge market not only for stock models but for stock images and stock footage as well, and that some of the 3d renderings […]

Character Rigger Version 3.6

I just finished updating the character rigger tool. I just recently had an arm twist problem with a new character that didn’t occur before and also shouldn’t have occured. But there was no logical reason behind why it wasn’t working and so I decided to redesign the twist setup for the arms and legs. The […]

starting the new blog

Alright, here we go! I just finished setting up the new (and first) brave rabbit blog. Phew! Doing that and the main website was a good challenge, especially because I have not worked with php before. The main wordpress part was not a big problem but tweaking the look and features to our hearts desire […]