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Linear color chooser for Maya

The color picker in Autodesk Maya still lacks the ability to properly choose colors respecting any linear workflow settings. A current workaround is to introduce a gamma node which can be quite tedious even though a couple of scripts out there can help with the work. But still it results in more nodes being brought […]

Linear Workflow – Seminar PDF

Linear workflow has already taken its place in our every day work and not too long ago it was a concept that was somewhat clear but also a bit fuzzy to implement in projects at that time. But as the current tools have a much better implementation of linear workflow making the process a lot […]

RenderBucket 2.0 – Rendermanager for Maya (OS X)

RenderBucket helps with rendering scene files from Autodesk Maya on a single computer running OS X. It has the ability to handle multiple job files as one batch while giving access to the most commonly used render flags through an easy to use interface. RenderBucket features a job progression area that informs the user about […]

Wireframe rendering in Maya

This quick tutorial will show you one way to create a nice and clean looking wireframe render as used in the image below. Create a new render layer with your model selected and assign a new Lambert material to it. Set the color to black and the incandescence to white. Go to the shading group […]

Rendering multiply outputs to one openEXR in RendermanForMaya

Up to the current version of Renderman For Maya (that is 3.0.2) it is not possible to include the main rendering (rgba) and all secondary outputs (AOVs) in one openEXR file. The way around is to generate two openEXRs, one containing the rgba information and one all needed AOVs. The workflow to archieve this is […]

How to model and render a cartoony rock cliff

This is a little making of or tutorial about how I built the rock wall in the animated short “Santa’s Practice”. It’s just some basic stuff going on here but I actually never came across the task before, so I thought that I drop a few thoughts about that. So you pro users out there […]

uv stretching on smoothed mesh

It’s always interesting to see how the different renderers handle specific aspects of the scene or the containted geometry. In this case I want to talk about the how uv coordinates are handled when a geometry is subdivided for or during the rendering. The focus is on the uv seam that connects the arm of […]

Subsurface Scattering & Premultiplication

As it is usually advisable to render out unpremultiplied images to have it easier in different compositing packages (i.e. Toxik almost expects these and Photoshop can’t handle premultiplied images well) it seems not a good idea to use it in conjunction with the non-physical subsurface scattering in mental ray. The result diplays any surfaces that […]

Mentay Ray Framebuffer Data Type

When rendering with Mental Ray the workflow for including or excluding an alpha channel is somewhat different from other renderers, especially the software renderer. Usually it’s dependent on the camera channels what kind of information is included in the rendered image. For example if it’s not necessary to include an alpha channel, this option can […]

integrating maya into the standard terminal

When I installed Maya 2010 my regular way of tweaking the OS X terminal didn’t work anymore. The only way I could make the terminal accept maya commands was through the special maya terminal that is found in the application folder. But that one doesn’t show up in the cool “Pro” theme. So I searched […]